Chapters with written content

Some chapters have unpublished content, and some, like the former Prologue, are hidden from this list



Game 1The streamlined first chapter of the story,
which replaced the original long prologue
Live (and free)
Game 1Each time you finish a chapter, you return
here, to make small choices like sleep for
the night
Live (and free)
Game 1These are the classes that are NOT assigned
to the character you meet in them. Often,
like with Amanda, Annie, Gabriella or Helga,
the classes where you meet them are in their
first chapter, but not always. Over time,
this chapter might go away.
Live (and free)
#5Talk to Daisy
Game 1A small chapter where you get to talk to
Daisy to introduce yourself.
Live (and free)
#6Story Rules
Game 1In the basis stories, you live in the real
world, but there is one sci-fi story (Sarah),
one "Modern Fantasy" story (Evelyn) and one
horror story (Samantha). You need to actually
enable them to access them.
Live (and free)
#7Tease a character
Game 1Enables you to get a preview of many of the
characters, with more coming soon!
Live (and free)


#1Soccer class
2020-07 block 5
Game 1Just the first 2 soccer classes in which you
meet Amanda
Live (and free)
#2Soccer Practice
2020-07 block 5
Game 1Various moments in which you can practice
soccer with Amanda.
Live (and free)
#3Getting Closer to Amanda
2020-07 block 5
Game 1This is the first real chapter with Amanda,
in which you take her to your first date
Live (and free)
#4Second date with Amanda
2020-07 block 6
Game 1This is your second date with Amanda, which
you plan from A to Z
Live (and free)
#5Third date with Amanda
2020-07 block 6
Game 1This is your third date with Amanda, which
she plans from A to Z.
Live (and free)
#6Amanda's fun week
A ) 2020-07 block 6
B ) 2020-08 block 1
Game 1Now that you are dating Amanda, she prepares
a week of daily fun, in which you do
something sexual with her on each day
Live (and free)
#7Out with Amanda
2020-08 block 6
Game 1You do dancing twice with Amanda at the club
where she DJs
Live (and free)
#8The locked week
A ) 2020-10 block 2
B ) 2020-11 block 6
C ) 2020-12 block 6
Game 1Amanda decides to take chastity seriously and
keeps you locked all week
Live (and free)
#9Still locked
2021-01 block 6
Game 1Second half of that locked week.Live (and free)
#10The other week
A ) 2021-02 block 4
B ) 2021-02 block 6
C ) 2021-03 block 6
Game 1Well, after the locked week, Amanda has other
plans. This is that second week, which starts
with a double date
Live (and free)
#11The bad news
A ) 2021-01 block 6
B ) 2021-04 block 6
Game 1Conclusion of the main Amanda story (her
first book if you want), in which you get a
bad news.
Live (and free)


#1English Literature
2020-08 block 3
Game 1This is just the English Literature early
Live (and free)
#2Study with Annie
A ) 2020-08 block 3
B ) 2020-09 block 2
Game 1You start studying with Annie and discover
her wild side when you admit to being in
Live (and free)
#3The professor
2020-10 block 6
Game 1The Friday Pizza party with Professor
Tagarski, where you are asked to come clean
with your chastity.
Live (and free)


#1Meeting Becky
2021-04 block 1
Game 1Allan meets Becky in front of the library,
where she teases some of the guys going
Live (and free)
#2Becky ramps up
2021-04 block 3
Game 1Becky becomes more serious with her
Live (and free)
#3A surprise visit
2021-04 block 5
Game 1Becky has a surprise: she will tie you to her
bed, and have you role play with her.
Live (and free)


#1Meeting Bianca and her coven
2021-05 block 1
Game 1You meet Bianca and get the invitation to
move in with her three female friends who are
all into FemDom.
Live (and free)
#2Moving in
2021-05 block 3
Game 1You've made your decision: you are going to
move in with Bianca, Erika, Carrie and Iris.
Live (and free)
#3Closer to Erika
2021-05 block 5
Game 1Erika begins to get close to you, now that
you are getting settled in.
Live (and free)
#4Treatment Plan
2021-10 block 4
Game 1Erika and Carrie have developed a treatment
plan to help Erika, and you are at the center
of it.
In Beta ($4 and more)


#1Meeting the crew
2020-12 block 3
Game 1Allan meets the cardio crew and agrees to
tutor them in Calculus in exchange for sex.
Only, his chastity complicates things.
Live (and free)
#2Committing to the crew
2020-12 block 5
Game 1The crew decides on a game: one of the 4
girls gets the key at random, and Allan needs
to pleasure each one to know which one has
it. You pick the order. This is the first
Live (and free)


#1Getting to know Cathy
2020-09 block 1
Game 1Allan meets the band, and begins to
cross-dress as Alicia
Live (and free)
#2Becoming Alicia
2020-09 block 5
Game 1Now living on Campus as Alicia, the main
character becomes more feminine, and
practices with the band.
Live (and free)
#3Deeper with Cathy
A ) 2021-01 block 2
B ) 2021-02 block 2
Game 1Allan, sorry, Alicia gets a new pink chastity
cage, the keys are destroyed, and he, sorry,
she gets to have sex with Melanie, while in
permanent chastity
Live (and free)
#4The show
2021-03 block 2
Game 1The band has their first show! While the show
is a success, there are some unexpected
revelations which stir up the band's
Live (and free)
#5Modern songs
2021-04 block 2
Game 1The band had success with their first show
with Allan, and have a new gig where they
will need more material. The band thus needs
to practice new songs, while Cathy makes
Allan refresh his clothes collection to help
Allan feel more like Alicia.
Live (and free)
#6A new age for Alicia
2021-05 block 2
Game 1A day spent with Cathy and Melanie, during
which both girls are particularly in a good
Live (and free)
#7Learning French with Melanie
2021-06 block 2
Game 1After seeing Melanie homesick, you find a
deli offering typical Quebec food and go eat
with Cathy and Melanie downtown, putting both
girls in a good mood, while preparing for the
faculty show.
Live (and free)
#8The faculty show
2021-07 block 2
Game 1The first show with the new set list, and a
foursome with Amanda and her girlfriend,
Live (and free)
#9Cathy's playdate
2021-09 block 2
Game 1Cathy attends with Allan an "activity" with
some adults downtown into common interests.
Live (and free)
#10Cathy and Amanda
2021-10 block 2
Game 1Cathy decides that she wants to know more
about Amanda
In Beta ($4 and more)
#11Daniella and Wendy
2021-11 block 2
Game 1The story with Cathy has mostly followed
Cathy herself, as well as Melanie. There
are two other members in the group: Daniella
and Wendy. While not sexual (in Daniella's
case at all or Wendy's case with Allan), they
are in the story.
In Beta ($4 and more)


#1Working for Chloe and Joyce
Game 1You don't actually date Chloe or Joyce, you
more like, do things for them.
(Not fully written yet)


#1Meeting Cindy
2020-08 block 2
Game 1You meet Cindy and get to have (unlocked) sex
with her and her roommate Olivia!
Live (and free)
#2Hangout with Cindy and Olivia
2020-08 block 4
Game 1After accepting Cindy as your keyholder, you
keep seeing her and doing various sexual
things with her and Olivia
Live (and free)
#4Cindy's gang bang
2020-09 block 1
Game 1Cindy invites you to one of her gang bangs!Live (and free)
#5Phase 2 with Cindy
A ) 2020-11 block 2
B ) 2020-12 block 2
Game 1Cindy makes a complete turnover and becomes a
strict keyholder
#6Testing the plan
2021-05 block 4
Game 1Now that you decided which kind of Keyholder
you want out of Cindy, you get to play one
round with her and Olivia!


#11Corey is here
2020-07 block 6
Game 1Corey, your high school crush suddenly shows
up and takes over your little world. This is
the original Corey chapter, which was
sponsored by a former Patreon supporters, and
which contains, well, scat content.
Live (and free)


#1First class and Yana
2021-09 block 1
Game 1After going to your first Women's studies
class, you start to see Yana, one of the
hardcore feminists in the class. Please
note that while you might visit this class in
other story lines, the actions on this
exclusive one are completely different.
Live (and free)
#2Finding Joy
2021-09 block 3
Game 1Allan crosses path with Joy, while still
having Yana around.
Live (and free)
#3Brooke and Debbie
2021-09 block 5
Game 1After the second Women's studies class, Allan
gets to meet Brooke, and later, Debbie.
Live (and free)


#1Ellie gets impatient
2022-01 block 3
Game 2Written
(Not published yet)


#1Meeting Evelyn
2021-12 block 1
Game 1After getting proposed a few girls by Brody
and Daisy, you decide to try your luck with
your neighbors, Evelyn, who seems nice and
In Beta ($4 and more)
#2Life as Alicia
2021-12 block 2
Game 1While having sex with Evelyn in chapter 1,
she wants to make you understand what female
orgasms feel like, so she turns Allan into
Alicia for the night.
In Beta ($4 and more)
#3More magic
2021-12 block 3
Game 1You get back to Evelyn after your day as
Alicia, who decides to take matters in her
own hands.
In Beta ($4 and more)
#4More Alicia
A ) 2022-01 block 2
B ) 2022-04 block 2
Game 1hold


#1Dating Gabriella
2021-03 block 1
Game 1Allan meets Gabriella, gets close to her and
begins dating her.
Live (and free)
#2Following Gabriella
2021-03 block 3
Game 1Allan begins to follow orders from Gabriella
who more and more starts to control his life.
Live (and free)
#3First visit at Susan's
2021-03 block 5
Game 1First visit to Susan's swingers clubLive (and free)


#1Political Science
2020-08 block 3
Game 1Only two short steps which correspond to the
first 2 classes of Political science
Live (and free)
#2Getting to know Helga
2021-01 block 1
Game 1Allan agrees to go to a naturist barbecue,
and gets an ultimatum from Helga to become a
naturist or not.
Live (and free)
#3Seeing Helga
2021-01 block 3
Game 1Allan spends his first weekend at Cherry
Peak, the naturist resort, fully nude, and
denied and teased by Helga. He even attends
his Women's studies discussion class, nude,
and with Helga
Live (and free)
#5Coming out
2021-01 block 5
Game 1After skipping the 4th chapter, Allan gets
back to school and lives on campus, nude.
Live (and free)


#1Jackie takes charge
2021-12 block 6
Game 2Jackie realizes that what she wants, is to be
dominant, not a switch. Will her two BDSM
partners agree?
In Alpha ($10 and more)


#1Jenny's life
2020-08 block 4
Game 1Jenny's first chapter.Live (and free)


#1Getting to know Jessica
2020-11 block 1
Game 1You meet Jessica and discover the True
Goddess Movement which keeps guys in chastity
Live (and free)
#2Seeing Katryn and/or Jessica
2020-11 block 3
Game 1Since you met Katryn at the Mixer, Jessica
assigned you to pledge to her, so you see
her, but you also see Jessica and her
roommate, Elena. It's also your initiation
(along with Kyle, which unlocks his second
Live (and free)


#1Julie's CMNF Event
A ) 2021-11 block 5
B ) 2021-11 block 6
C ) 2022-01 block 6
Game 1inprogress


#1Going back to college
2021-11 block 4
Game 2Kim comes back to college for her third year,
after having spent months in chastity.
This is a chapter for the second college
game, begun before the second game is fully
Live (and free)


#1Getting Locked
A ) 2020-08 block 5
B ) 2020-09 block 6
Game 1Kyle has a perfect girlfriend, but she has
issues with him. She wants him in Chastity?
Live (and free)
2020-11 block 5
Game 1To get this chapter, Allan needs to play the
Jessica storyline. In this chapter, Kyle
discovers that his girlfriend doesn't want to
unlock him... ever.
Live (and free)


#1Layla and Elliot spice up their relationship
2021-12 block 4
Game 2While Elliot is delighted in his relationship
with Layla, she is not. She wants more
romance, more gestures, more couple
activities. Male chastity is her idea.
In Alpha ($10 and more)
#2A new normal
2022-01 block 4
Game 2In Alpha ($10 and more)

Li Hua

#1Seeing Li Hua with Lucy
2021-07 block 1
Game 1Now that Allan is dating Lucy, he starts
knowing Li Hua, Tori's roommate and Lucy's
nude model more closely. He notably
discovers that Li Hua has her own little
block of buildings on Lucy's map for Allan.
Live (and free)
#2Seeing Li Hua with Tori
2021-07 block 3
Game 1After a sleep-over in Li Hua's bed, you spend
the morning with Li Hua and Tori
Live (and free)
#3Seeing Li Hua Alone
2021-07 block 5
Game 1Live (and free)


#1Seducing Lucy
2021-05 block 6
Game 1You go to see Lucy and try to start dating
Live (and free)
#2Dating Lucy
2021-06 block 4
Game 1You go on more dates with Lucy, improving
your relationship with her.
Live (and free)
#3Earning Points with Lucy
A ) 2021-07 block 4
B ) 2021-08 block 4
Game 1Semi-independent steps which you can take to
earn points with Lucy. Most have previous
steps as requirements to be performed.
#4Spending points with Lucy
A ) 2021-07 block 4
B ) 2021-08 block 4
Game 1Semi-independent steps in which you can spend
points to do positive things with Lucy,
including unlocks.
#5Progress on the map
2021-08 block 4
Game 1When a special gate is reached which changed
the rules with Lucy, steps from this chapter
will be played.


#1Seeing Melanie
2021-08 block 2
Game 1You spend time with Melanie, without CathyLive (and free)


#1First visit
2020-10 block 1
Game 1Daisy invites Allan over to do pet play at
Mila's house, where he gets to also meet Lily
Live (and free)
#2Second Visit
2020-10 block 3
Game 1Daisy gets too late at Mila, who isn't
available. You get to meet Maxine, who is
Mila's girlfriend
Live (and free)
#3Third Visit
2020-10 block 5
Game 1This time, you get to Mila with Rebecca, who
is a cat girl. You also meet Mila's parents.
Live (and free)


#1Meeting Mindy
2021-11 block 1
Game 1First meeting and negotiation with Mindy. In Beta ($4 and more)
#2Automatic Spanking Machine
2021-11 block 3
Game 1In Beta ($4 and more)


#1Meeting Monika
2020-12 block 3
Game 1You meet Monika, your neighbor with body
image issues. She is nice and ready to get
Live (and free)
#2Deeper with Monika
A ) 2020-12 block 4
B ) 2021-01 block 6
Game 1You get a lot close to Monika, who takes
some... liberties with your chastity
Live (and free)
#3After Monika
A ) 2021-02 block 1
B ) 2021-02 block 3
C ) 2021-02 block 5
Game 1After dumping Monika, things get weird at the
Live (and free)


#1Meeting Nicolette
2020-09 block 3
Game 1Ian, Nicolette's boyfriend, has a proposal to
make, but first, he wants to play videogames.
Live (and free)


#1Getting into trouble
2021-10 block 5
Game 1Niles has been begging his girlfriend to be a
hotwife and sleep for other guys for a while,
and now, she is getting a little deeper than
he expected.
In Beta ($4 and more)


#1Nina pushes
2022-01 block 1
Game 2Nina reflects on her life and decides to take
control of her husband Amar's sex drive.
Enough is enough!
(Not published yet)


#1Meeting Olina
2021-08 block 1
Game 1You meet Olina and begin to get closer to herLive (and free)
#2Camping with Olina
2021-08 block 3
Game 1You go camping with Olina for your second
date with her.
Live (and free)
#3Captured by Olina
2021-08 block 5
Game 1After camping with Olina, you are stuck in
the abandoned building, under Olina's care
Live (and free)


#1Meeting Raina
2022-01 block 5
Game 1Written
(Not published yet)


#1The pitch
2021-09 block 4
Game 1You bump into Rita as she tries to convince
Gloria to let her speak at her chastity
meeting, where chastity means abstinence
before marriage and nothing else. This s the
start of Rita's quest to put more and more
people in chastity devices.


#1Filming a movie with Rosa
2021-10 block 6
Game 1Allan decides to go see Rosa to film a
chastity porn movie.
In Beta ($4 and more)


#1Playing games with Sabrina
2021-10 block 1
Game 1Meeting Sabrina when she is trying to
organize a play in public board game event,
you begin to see her and get to know her.
In Beta ($4 and more)
#2Playing Sabrina's games
2021-10 block 3
Game 1After Sabrina revealed a little too much
while she was drunk in chapter 1, she
accelerates some of her plans.
In Beta ($4 and more)


#1Therapy with Annie
2021-06 block 1
Game 1If you admitted to your English Teacher that
you were in Chastity in the Annie storyline,
Annie will invite you to see her therapist
Samantha with her.
Live (and free)
#2Getting a keyholder
2021-06 block 3
Game 1You give your key to Samantha's best friend,
and thus get a new keyholder.
Live (and free)
#3Getting Married
2021-06 block 5
Game 1After the events of Chapter 2, Allan and
Samantha need to get married to avoid legal
issues. This is there wedding and their
subsequent marriage.
Live (and free)


#1Meeting Sandra
2020-07 block 1
Game 1Allan goes to see Sandra, the famous blow job
giver to any guy who wants it!
Live (and free)
#2Make out with Sandra
2020-07 block 1
Game 1Now that Allan knows that Sandra is into
chastity too, they make out almost constantly
in new ways. Most of these are single steps,
or perhaps 2 or 3 at most, and many are
triggered by other, later, chapters. This is
when Polly is met.
Live (and free)
#3Polly's chastity belt
2020-07 block 2
Game 1Polly also gets a chastity belt and makes out
with Sandra and Allan. This is the chapter
where Corey can be triggered.
Live (and free)
#4Polly's Naked Aerobic (with Sandra)
2020-07 block 2
Game 1Polly organizes weekly a naked aerobic
session and Sandra and you decide to
attend... nude except for your chastity
devices. Polly also wears hers.
Live (and free)
#5Getting Closer to Sandra
2020-07 block 3
Game 1On a date out in town, Sandra now wants to be
your girlfriend, officially. She opens up
about her problems.
Live (and free)
#6Inauguration of the Locked Love Lobby
A ) 2020-07 block 4
B ) 2020-08 block 5
Game 1First meeting of the chastity club you
co-found with Polly and Sandra.
Live (and free)
#7Second meeting of the Locked Love Lobby
A ) 2021-08 block 6
B ) 2021-09 block 6
Game 1A second meeting of the Locked Love Lobby
occurs, with new members
In Beta ($4 and more)
#8Seeing Polly without Sandra
A ) 2020-08 block 5
B ) 2021-08 block 6
C ) 2022-01 block 6
Game 1Draft chapter of seeing Polly alone. Never
completed or published.
(Not published yet)


#1Meeting Teagan
Game 1Teagan is an annoying neighbors who
constantly interrupts you. This is the
chapter in which she does
Live (and free)
#2Getting Closer to Teagan
A ) 2020-10 block 6
B ) 2020-11 block 2
Game 1First short chapter in which you get to
really interact with Teagan. Unlocks the
Sarah character.
Live (and free)
#3A time journey
2020-12 block 1
Game 1You get to meet Sarah again, after meeting
her in Teagan's second chapter
Live (and free)
#4Melody and Teagan
A ) 2021-07 block 6
B ) 2021-09 block 4
Game 1Melody starts to act weird toward Allan,
which causes Teagan to react.
Live (and free)


#1Tim and Zoe's Preface
2021-03 block 6
Game 1Tim walks us through the beginning of his
relationship with Zoe, looking back from the
present to his past.
Live (and free)
#2Zoe is mainly gay
2021-06 block 6
Game 1In this scenario, Ursa is more than a best
friend, she is Zoe's girlfriend and while
both are bisexual and get some use our of
Tim, he becomes more of a side-character.
Live (and free)
#3Zoe is a hotwife
2021-12 block 5
Game 1In Alpha ($10 and more)


#1Meeting Victoria
2020-09 block 4
Game 1You meet Victoria for the first time, by
going with Daisy to support her.
Live (and free)
#2Seeing Victoria Alone
2020-10 block 4
Game 1You go see Victoria for the first time alone,
and you have to decide with her how to play
with that dominatrix
Live (and free)
#3Victoria again
2020-11 block 4
Game 1You accidentally bump into Victoria in your
section and follow her home, sleeping in her
bed after a scene with her
Live (and free)
#4Mental Health
2020-12 block 4
Game 1You have a therapy session with Samantha, who
is Victoria's mentor, about a recent
breakdown, and you get another scene with
Live (and free)
2021-01 block 4
Game 1Victoria decides to test your limits a little
more, and you have a heart to heart
discussion with her
Live (and free)
#6New level
2021-03 block 4
Game 1Victoria is again in your section, and has a
proposal for you. Optional chapter which can
be safely skipped without hurting your
chances with Victoria
Live (and free)
#7A more direct Victoria
2021-04 block 4
Game 1Lincoln makes a proposal for you over
breakfast, and Victoria decides to increase
things a little.
Live (and free)