Summary of Chapter Teagan #3: A time journey

You get to meet Sarah again, after meeting her in Teagan's second chapter

Schedule for writing

Entire chapter: 2020-12 block 1


Number of steps: 9

Total words: 13707 words

Steps in this chapter

5210An unexpected visit
5221Hidden for inner steps
5252Hidden for inner steps
5233Hidden for inner steps
5244Hidden for inner steps
5265Hidden for inner steps
5276Hidden for inner steps
5997Hidden for inner steps
5288Hidden for inner steps

Fantasies in this chapter

Characters in this chapter

SarahSomeone very important to Teagan and who looks a lot like Teagan, but older.Details
TeaganGirl who lives across the hall and who is constantly cooking desserts for everyone. She learns of your chastity through gossiping and decides to start teasing you.Details
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