Frequently asked questions

About the site

What is this site?

It's a series of choose your adventure type of "games" where you make choices or choose story lines about chastity.

Why? Because male chastity is more and more popular (with good reasons), and it's a fun way to make believe.

What are the games?

The best way to see the difference between the games is to visit our game comparison page here:

List of our games

In short, we currently have 5 games. Here is a brief summary:

International Game One

This is the one what started it all in April 2020, when both authors were stuck at home due to the pandemic. The husband furloughed, the wife laid off.

33 characters were created with at least 100 endings. Each ending has a sort of description, and many (but not all) of the endings received a small scene example between you and your wife.

In short, the concept was that you pick one of 10 countries (ignore Transylvania), who have between 3 and 5 girls each.

Then, from a picture and a brief description, you get to pick one of the girls, and from then, from 2 to 9 variations.

Some of the girls, like Karen, are dynamic, so you get to answer questions and customize them.

This system has no database, and was considered completed in June 2020.

Chastity Game One: Allan's story

This is the main one. The site we started in June 2020 and which is very much still under development with no end in sight! At over 1.8 million words, it is also the one with the majority of the writing for the site, with over 200 characters, over 180 chapters, and over 1500 "steps".

Most of the chapters are from the point of view of Allan R. Smith, a freshman arriving in Fall 2020 at the fictional Shallow Creek College already in chastity and still a virgin.

The story is written in the second person so that the story will read like "You open the door", as if you were Allan.

In the vast majority of the chapters, Allan meets someone, usually a girl, but sometimes a group of girls, who agree to date him, or see him, or deny him, or tease him. Really, it varies.

There are a few you can date, like Amanda, Yvonne, Zaria, Lucy, Evelyn, Julie, Cathy (in some way). However, there are a few you can only have some sex with, like Cindy. There are some who you can see but will not even want to be your keyholder like Annie and Raina. Of course, there are others who will mostly hit or torment you, like Mindy the BDSM dominatrix or Becky who will just humiliate you. Some will be more of a group, like Brittany, Elizabeth and Bianca.

Chastity Game One: other point of views

But there are also chapters from another point of view, like Kyle, Tim and Zoe, Niles, Tara and Jenny.

Kyle is present, with his girlfriend Elena, in the Jessica story line and his chapters allow you to see what happens in life. It is a sort of spin-off.

Tim and Zoe are in reality, College Game 2 characters. In fact, they were planned to be Game 2, but they were created before Game 2 was created! So, they are a sort of artifact, a sort of prototype for Game 2.

Niles might also have been better in Game 2, but was created before it.

Tara is a hybrid character: you get to see their relationship while they are still in college, in Game 1, and then, their married life in Game 2.

As for Jenny, she was for a single potential female Patreon supporter, who wanted to sponsor a woman in chastity with a prison fetish.

Chastity Game Two: A year later

"Game 2" (when it is the 3rd game), is a different beast to game one. Game one was mostly about a guy already in chastity trying to get himself a girlfriend/keyholder, but most of the stories of Game two feature married couples adding male chastity to their lives, a sort of reversal from the original.

With over 470,000 words, it is the second most developed game, with almost 125 characters, over 55 chapters and over 280 steps (or pages).

It is set in the same town as Game one, but is only loosely connected to the college. Some of the characters graduated from the college, some are still students, others work there as teachers or other staff. Others barely have a connection to the college.

The stories have a lot less options: most of the chapters are strictly linear and you simply pick in which order to read them. One of the reasons is that most of our Patreon supporters would complain that some of the endings of Game 1 was hard to reach as some of the choices or sequences were hard to follow.

When game one was started, it was our goal to make a sort of college simulator, a sort of "game", but as the game took form, our fans began liking it more as a story, and less as a game.

When Game 2 was made, we were just out of the failure of writing a few very dynamic chapters and for a long time, even in game 1, didn't take changes with it.

There are still a few choices in Game 2, and more will come, but most of the story is just like reading a novel, only, in the order that you want.

Game 2 still had many fan favorite characters, and is still being developed to this day.

Chastity Game Three: Averi and Monty's story

After Game 2 was made, the authors quickly began brainstorming what Game 3 would be, and suddenly, in the fall of 2022, it took form, and was coded in December 2022.

In short, a graduate of the Shallow Creek College of Game 1, Averi, moves with her husband, Monty, to the High Rhine Enclave (the HRE) which is a fictional tiny nation in Switzerland, where Averi will work for the local bank, who is the main employer of the Enclave.

However, the HRE is now a Femdom country where women have all of the rights, and men are forced into chastity, using a device supplied by the country. It is a fictional device which can only be unlocked with a special USB key, but which has a Bluetooth interface which provides information about the device such as its unlocking history.

All of the chapters will have Averi and Monty as the main characters. After the 2nd chapter, they need to choose if they align themselves with the Femdom party, via Averi's colleague Leanne, or with the FLR Party, via Averi's colleague Skyler.

From that initial choice, the rest of the characters will be split in two, with half exclusive to each of the choice. The goal is to also divide them further, but that is way down the road, since Game 3 was only recently created. A virtual keyholder game

In February 2023, as the economy was taking a turn, many of our Patreon supporters couldn't afford to support us and had to suspend their support.

We had not launched Game 3 fully yet, and we began brainstorming to find new sources of supporters.

This is where the idea of a virtual keyholder service arrived.

In short, supporters of our Patreon who pay $5 USD or more per month, can sign up at and basically get a keyholder who is one of the characters of our other games (mostly from College Game 1).

Each day, you have to update Teagan and tell her what happened in your life in the previous 24 hours, and then, you can speak, once, to your keyholder who will decide what happens to you, and perhaps, ask you to do specific tasks.

It is still very much a work in progress, but so far, despite the low number of steps and the high level of repetition, reaction has been either positive, or hopeful.

How much does it cost?

Game 1 and 2 are mostly free with only a few chapters exclusive to Patreon supporters (at the $1 or more level). There are no external ads of any kind.

Game 3 will mostly be for supporters (at the $1 or more level), and is reserved for supporters at the $5 or more level.

But mostly, it is a work of love!

You can support us on our Patreon to get access to content early that is still in alpha or beta and even to cheat in game one! It also lets you access all of Game 3 and if at the $5 level,

Become a Patron!
The game itself, however, is mostly free and all of the content in alpha and beta will eventually be published. Some chapters will remain exclusive for Patreon supports.

Meta (Story line)? Chapter? Step?

A meta is a main character, like Sandra, and all of the chapters in that storyline. It's like its own book with sub-plots, sub-stories, secondary characters. Polly and Corey, for example, are in the Sandra meta, even when you see them without Sandra.

A chapter is a group of steps which form a single story. They can be in sequence, like the second date with Amanda: you play them one after the other in one sequence, or they can be disconnected like Amanda's fun week in which you play 1 step per day until the 3-step finale

A step is a single page, a single choice you make. They can have up to 2000 words, but many are only a few words long. Furthermore, they can set counters, flags, day stamps, and they have a set of choices displayed at the bottom to determine your next step. The list is dynamically built

Can you help me navigate the stories?


First, four pages can help you a lot! All of them can be found in the menu above.

The simplest to visualize is the story progress page:

Progress of the story lines, which lets you see visually the chapters of each of the story lines (main characters) with content, along with their status.

You can also see the calendar of past (and future) chapters here:


And the list of chapters:


And finally, the list of characters:

List of characters

Why are the choices different on some play through?

When you make choices, the system adds flags, counters and day stamps and future options are filtered out. For example, if you give your key to someone, you won't have the option of giving it again to someone else until you get it back.

Flags, counters and day stamps?

Each step can set or reset a flag. For example, if you undress, the step will put the flag "Naked" and it will remain in place until you put clothes back on. Some steps require specific flags, others prohibit specific flags.

Counters well, count the number of times they are done. Some steps have a minimum or a maximum for counters, so that's how the Sandra make-out options change.

Day stamp marks on which day an event occurs, with some steps with a min and a max day stamp value. When Polly orders her chastity device, it takes 4 days to arrive, so a day stamp is used.

Some steps, such as classes, can only occur on certain days

What are exclusive characters?

In December 2020, the ability to see multiple characters at the same time was removed for many characters which became "Exclusive".

Prior to that change, it was possible to give your only key to multiple girls! With the new system, you can play with an exclusive character until the end of their story, and then, you have to reset the game to play with another one.

Some characters, however, like Annie or Victoria, are in theory always available, Why only in theory? Because some exclusive characters prevent you from seeing any other characters, such as Monika, Helga or Cathy when you get in their special background colors.

What is the deal with the background colors?

Allan has a yellow background color. The other Point of View characters have their own color, like Jenny which has Orange, Kyle Purple, etc...

But some conditions will change the background, like cross-dressing as Alicia (pink) or becoming a naturist (green).
Typically, when a different color is present, the options in the intermission are very different (and usually restricted).

The background color legend is here

What is the deal with nudism on campus?

This is part of our own fantasies and by putting the campus clothing optional, it provides for many interesting current and future steps.

About the story

What is the situation with COVID-19?

This story was created as an escape from COVID-19 so it occurs in a world without it. In one chapter, one of the characters provides an in-universe canon official explanation as to why COVID-19 is absent.

Where is the gay content?

When the site was launched, we wanted to also include gay content in order to be fair to the gay community, but we realized two things:We do have bisexual characters, and 2 of the former gay characters remain, as they were also bisexual. The remaining 3 gay characters were removed in February 2021. None of them had any content yet.

About specific characters

When will character X get more content?

Our patrons vote on which character will get written the following month, with a few side-character added.

Some patrons also pay to sponsor a character.

If a character doesn't get a new chapter (or any chapters), it might be because none of our patrons are interested in them. You can pledge to help change that for your favorite character.

About chastity

What is a male chastity device?

It's a device, usually formed of a tube held by a ring going behind the ball sack, holding it in place. This allows the man to lock up his penis to prevent having erections and blocking access to sex. The width and/or length prevent building up a full erection.

Wait, so the man can't have sex with it? Why would he do that? He won't be able to have sex?

Because it's awesome? And yes, preventing sex and masturbation are precisely the point!

So, do men in chastity want to remain locked or they want to be released and have sex?


Seriously, for many men in chastity, one of the biggest thrills of chastity is losing the power to decide that outcome. It's the idea that your keyholder determines whether you get a release or not.

They love the frustration of being denied and kept locked for a period of time, but they also love the release and finally being able to have sex with their wife

The actual ratio between the 2 varies from man to man, from keyholder to heyholder and sometimes, the 2 do not match perfectly, so often the man needs to live with it since it's not easy to find a keyholder.

So what is a keyholder?

The person who holds the key to a chastity device. Often, it is the wife of the man in chastity. Please note that the wife doesn't need to physically hold the key: it can simply be in the bedroom and the man decides not to cheat and use it without permission. Also, in real life, the man usually has access to an emergency key.

Wait, so a man in chastity could cheat and unlock himself?

Many devices are in plastic and easily broken. Many of the padlocks are keyed alike: we have the 2 Holy trainer cages models (each with 2 keys), and the 4 keys are identical!

The key isn't meant in most relationships to be secure as in the font door of your house, but rather to work as the privacy lock on your bathroom door. In both cases, easily bypassed, but with the agreement, it won't be unless it's an emergency

What is Cuckolding? A Hotwife? And Swinging?

A cuckold is a man whose's wife sleeps with other people outside their marriage, to humiliate him. He is a cuckold whether he knows about it or not, and whether he is present or not. His wife is a cuckoldress

In the chastity community, it is a common (but not as universal as one might think) fantasy of men in chastity to have his wife cuckold him to add to his frustration.

In the cuckold community, it is a less frequent but still present fantasy to add chastity to an existing cuckolding marriage.

So, a significance of people who are into chastity also experiment (because of the chastity), a cuckolding lifestyle (thought it could be less than 25%, hard to say), but only a slim number of people in a cuckolding relationship will begin to play with chastity.

At least, this is our understanding...

A hotwife is a woman who sleeps around while married. All cuckoldress can be seen as a hotwife, but to cuckold is to degrade/humiliate her husband while being a hotwife doesn't imply that: the extramarital affairs are for the wife's sexual pleasure but does not preclude the man loving it.

Swinging is usually when the couple are mostly monogamous, but they go out together to have sex with other people, often when both can swing.

So, cuckolding: to cause frustration/humiliation on the man, pleasure on the woman. Swinging: when everyone is happy with the affair. Hotwife: when only the wife sleeps around.

For most swingers, both the man and the woman sleep around and most of the sex occurs with both people present, but it's not always true. Sometimes, only the wife swings and the man watches. Sometimes, they swap partners in 2 separate rooms. They are varied.