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On February 5th 2021, 3 of our gay characters without any content were removed from the site.

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Plan for the month of October 2021

October 1st-6thSabrinaChapter 1 (Playing board games with her)Written
October 7th to 10thCathyCathy #10 (Cathy and Amanda)Written
October 11th to 15thSabrinaChapter 2 (Playing her games)In Progress
October 16th to 20thBiancaChapter 4 (Erika) Pending
October 21th to 26thNilesChapter 1Pending
October 27th to 31stRosaChapter 1Pending

New content

The main girl, with 2 chapters as voted by our Patreon will be Sabrina, the manipulator who loves board games (and play games).


Niles and Cassandra tied with Rosa for the single chapter spot. Niles wants Cassandra to see other men, she wants him in chastity. He goes more than he wished for in their first chapter!

Niles Cassandra

Rosa, who tied for the single chapter spot, is a porn producer, who normally makes Lesbian porn, but will make a chastity porn with Allan, in her first chapter.


Cathy the sissy lover will be back for a 10th chapter in October as she is now sponsored!

However, this month will be steps with other minor characters reacting to Alicia...


Bianca (in reality Erika) is the other sponsored character for October, who will get a follow-up to her breakdown in October

And new improvements on the site!
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You are arriving to your first day in college

Your name is Allan J. Smith and you are into Male Chastity

On December 20th 2020, the prologue was replaced by a more stream lined introduction.

You were shy in high school, unable to really make a girlfriend and not having many guys as friends either. You did make a few and you do activities with them, but never fully connecting emotionally.

It's not that you were unpopular, just, well, a loner. To shy to talk to girls.

Well, you did try to get close to girls, but it never connected. You never found the right words.

Instead, you consumed a large amount of porn, so it's not like you were completely unfamiliar with sexuality but for you, it was only a theory.

In your senior year however, you discovered kink, and in particular, male chastity! It didn't take long for you to find a way to buy a device without your parents knowing and put it on!

It was so amazing that you took it off 3 times to masturbate on the first evening.

But only once the following day, and then, you managed to remain locked for 2 days!

After a week, you could sleep all night with it and on that Friday, you left your keys in your locker, forcing yourself to not unlock you for the whole week-end!

Monday morning, you wanted to arrive early and jerk off right away in the bathroom, but you managed to restrain yourself until that night. It was bliss!

Slowly, you increased your time and last June, you managed to remain locked the whole month without interruption!

In July, you even got the courage to go cycling with two of your friends for a week-end with your keys at home! You don't think they noticed anything and if they did, they didn't say anything.

Coming back home, the idea of being so close to being discovered made you unlock yourself and masturbate twice.

You wondered how to take it further, but the days just went on and college preparation took over without really having time to think about sexuality or chastity.

But now, you've been locked for 5 weeks, and you just arrived by Greyhound bus to the college, your personal effects having arrived the previous day. You will be able to restart your life and perhaps, meet the girl or boy keyholder of your dreams!

This is the start of your journey! Buckle up!

Enter your dorm room


There are currently 1214 steps in 132 chapters in the system, with a total of 1219604 words

This is your 1st day in college, a Saturday

Your last unlock was 37 days ago (or 5 weeks and 2 days ago)

Your last orgasm was 37 days ago (or 5 weeks and 2 days ago)

Your last ejaculation was 37 days ago (or 5 weeks and 2 days ago)

You currently have 0 flags set

You do not currently have a main exclusive character

You currently have the key to your chastity device...