Summary of Chapter Rita #3: Rita, Cathy and Samantha

Rita still tries to recruit new students to lock in chastity, but she soon faces her greatest challenge: a pre-Allan/Alicia Cathy who is still traumatized by her chemotherapy and see in chastity a way to hide her breasts forever. But the Belinda Benatars now have 2 members in chastity (Daniella has been in chastity since chapter 1), so what will Wendy do? Will she follow her colleagues? Meanwhile, Rita is waiting for her lips to be sown by Samantha, and while speaking with her, gets the idea of opening a new prison, paid by Samantha

Schedule for writing

Entire chapter: 2023-08 block 6


Number of steps: 5

Total words: 9049 words

Steps in this chapter

20921Rita visits Rachel
20932Hidden for inner steps
20943Hidden for inner steps
20954Hidden for inner steps
20965Hidden for inner steps

Fantasies in this chapter

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Characters in this chapter

Rita RojasGustav's girlfriend who gets into female chastity. Second-Level character. You meet her through Polly (and thus, through Sandra)Details
CathyCathy is a girl who is into sissies. Singer in the all female "Belinda Benatars" which becomes the "Grooving Girls" band. You will meet her by "hanging out". Main girl for September 2020Details
RachelCathy's roommateDetails
WendyKeyboard player in Cathy's band. Also a part-time nudist. If you meet her via Cathy, you can also see her as part of Helga storyline, but only if you meet Jessica first.Details
SandraBlow job loving girl that is into female chastity. Main girl for July 2020. Sandra is one of the 5 girls that Brody proposes you meet so she is available from the start.Details
RileyMember in Jessica's secret society. Secondary character in Jessica's storylineDetails
MaryannMatriarch in Jessica's secret society. Secondary character in Jessica's storylineDetails
SophiaHigh Priestess in Jessica's secret society Secondary character in Jessica's storylineDetails
Samantha RileyPsychology teacher. Mentor to Victoria and therapist to Annie. Also best friend of Andrei's wife.Details
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