Chapters with written content, where Samantha Riley appears

Chapters with written content, where Samantha Riley appears
Samantha RileyPsychology teacher. Mentor to Victoria and therapist to Annie. Also best friend of Andrei's wife.Details

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Some chapters have unpublished content, and some, like the former Prologue, are hidden from this list



#4Crossovers with Annie (one)
(0 words in steps)
2022-04 block 1
Game 1

Fantasies: Corset, Naturism, Sissification
In Beta
($4 and more)


#4Treatment Plan
(0 words in steps)
2021-10 block 4
Game 1Erika and Carrie have developed a treatment plan to help Erika, and you are at the center of it.Live
(and free)


#8The faculty show
(0 words in steps)
2021-07 block 2
Game 1The first show with the new set list, and a foursome with Amanda and her girlfriend, Angie.Live
(and free)


#1Dating Gabriella
(0 words in steps)
2021-03 block 1
Game 1Allan meets Gabriella, gets close to her and begins dating her.

Fantasies: Female Led Relationships, Permanent Chastity, Sleeping on the floor, by the bed
(and free)


#1Therapy with Annie
(0 words in steps)
2021-06 block 1
Game 1If you admitted to your English Teacher that you were in Chastity in the Annie storyline, Annie will invite you to see her therapist Samantha with her.Live
(and free)
#2Getting a keyholder
(0 words in steps)
2021-06 block 3
Game 1You give your key to Samantha's best friend, and thus get a new keyholder.Live
(and free)
#3Getting Married
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2021-06 block 5
Game 1After the events of Chapter 2, Allan and Samantha need to get married to avoid legal issues. This is there wedding and their subsequent marriage.Live
(and free)


#5Teagan goes wild
(0 words in steps)
A ) 2022-03 block 6
B ) 2022-06 block 6
Game 1Teagan is angry at Allan and all bets are off! Even Sarah will not be able to calm her down.

Fantasies: Amputation


#4Mental Health
(0 words in steps)
2020-12 block 4
Game 1You have a therapy session with Samantha, who is Victoria's mentor, about a recent breakdown, and you get another scene with Victoria

Fantasies: Anal Training, Ball torture
(and free)