Chapters with written content, where Sandra appears

SandraBlow job loving girl that is into female chastity. Main girl for July 2020. Sandra is one of the 5 girls that Brody proposes you meet so she is available from the start.Details

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Some chapters have unpublished content, and some, like the former Prologue, are hidden from this list



#11Corey is hereCorey, your high school crush suddenly shows
up and takes over your little world. This is
the original Corey chapter, which was
sponsored by a former Patreon supporters, and
which contains, well, scat content.
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#3After MonikaAfter dumping Monika, things get weird at the
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#1The pitchYou bump into Rita as she tries to convince
Gloria to let her speak at her chastity
meeting, where chastity means abstinence
before marriage and nothing else. This s the
start of Rita's quest to put more and more
people in chastity devices.
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#1Meeting SandraAllan goes to see Sandra, the famous blow job
giver to any guy who wants it!
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#2Make out with SandraNow that Allan knows that Sandra is into
chastity too, they make out almost constantly
in new ways. Most of these are single steps,
or perhaps 2 or 3 at most, and many are
triggered by other, later, chapters. This is
when Polly is met.
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#3Polly's chastity beltPolly also gets a chastity belt and makes out
with Sandra and Allan. This is the chapter
where Corey can be triggered.
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#4Polly's Naked Aerobic (with Sandra)Polly organizes weekly a naked aerobic
session and Sandra and you decide to
attend... nude except for your chastity
devices. Polly also wears hers.
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#5Getting Closer to SandraOn a date out in town, Sandra now wants to be
your girlfriend, officially. She opens up
about her problems.
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#6Inauguration of the Locked Love LobbyFirst meeting of the chastity club you
co-found with Polly and Sandra.
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#7Second meeting of the Locked Love LobbyA second meeting of the Locked Love Lobby
occurs, with new members
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#8Seeing Polly without SandraDraft chapter of seeing Polly alone. Never
completed or published.
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#1Meeting TeaganTeagan is an annoying neighbors who
constantly interrupts you. This is the
chapter in which she does
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