Summary of Chapter Sandra #4: Polly's Naked Aerobic (with Sandra)

Polly organizes weekly a naked aerobic session and Sandra and you decide to attend... nude except for your chastity devices. Polly also wears hers.

Schedule for writing

Entire chapter: 2020-07 block 2


Number of steps: 18

Total words: 12922 words

Steps in this chapter

841startHear Polly's invitation for Aerobics
852Hidden for inner steps
863Hidden for inner steps
874Hidden for inner steps
1155Hidden for inner steps
886Hidden for inner steps
897Hidden for inner steps
938Hidden for inner steps
909Hidden for inner steps
9110Hidden for inner steps
9211Hidden for inner steps
9412Hidden for inner steps
11613Hidden for inner steps
9614Hidden for inner steps
9515Hidden for inner steps
16016Hidden for inner steps
16820Hidden for inner steps
16921Hidden for inner steps

Fantasies in this chapter

Characters in this chapter

SandraBlow job loving girl that is into female chastity. Main girl for July 2020. Sandra is one of the 5 girls that Brody proposes you meet so she is available from the start.Details
PollyA girl who is into a little bit of everything and decides to try female chastity. She is a second level character you can play with after meeting Sandra Details
GustavA big heavy muscular man into male chastity to deprive women of his huge cock. Rita's boyfriend. Tertiary character. You meet him through Polly (and thus, through Sandra) Details
Rita RojasGustav's girlfriend who gets into female chastity. Second-Level character. You meet her through Polly (and thus, through Sandra)Details
AnnaLesbian lover of Polly and Joan, from the Naked Aerobic event. Has pierced nipples.Details
JackGuy who wears a cock ring in Polly's Naked Aerobic class.Details
JoanLesbian girl with nipple piercings from the Naked Aerobic's class, who is later into chastity, with Anna as a keyholderDetails
FeliciaSandra's gay roomate. She is just a secondary character will little interactions with you. You meet her throught SandraDetails
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