Summary of Chapter Nicolette #1: Meeting Nicolette

Ian, Nicolette's boyfriend, has a proposal to make, but first, he wants to play videogames.

Number of steps: 7

Total words: 6939 words

Steps in this chapter

3931startAttend the dorm section meeting
3942startMeet Ian
3953Hidden for inner steps
3964Hidden for inner steps
3985Hidden for inner steps
3976Hidden for inner steps
3997Hidden for inner steps

Characters in this chapter

BrodyBrody is your bisexual roommate. You meet him in the prologue. He will eventually get his own chapters.Details
NicoletteA high class senior who is convinced of her superiority over everyone, even her boyfriend. Will be available by hanging outDetails
IanNicolette's long term boyfriend. You meet him via Nicolette.Details
TeaganGirl who lives across the hall and who is constantly cooking desserts for everyone. She learns of your chastity through gossiping and decides to start teasing you.Details
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