Summary of Chapter Mila #1: First visit

Daisy invites Allan over to do pet play at Mila's house, where he gets to also meet Lily

Number of steps: 9

Total words: 8999 words

Steps in this chapter

4351startDecide to go meet Mila
4361Hidden for inner steps
6471startHow to meet Mila
4372Hidden for inner steps
4383Hidden for inner steps
4394Hidden for inner steps
4405Hidden for inner steps
4416Hidden for inner steps
4427Hidden for inner steps

Characters in this chapter

MilaFemale dominant who is into pet play. You meet her via Daisy who is sometimes a dog in Mila's yard. Main girl for October 2020Details
DaisyHub character who can introduce you to the various girls who are living off campus, both students and non-students, including a few she is submissive to.Details
LilyAlmost full time dog girls at Mila's house. Only a human for classes.Details
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