Chapters with written content, where Mila appears

MilaFemale dominant who is into pet play. You meet her via Daisy who is sometimes a dog in Mila's yard. Main girl for October 2020Details

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Some chapters have unpublished content, and some, like the former Prologue, are hidden from this list



#1First visitDaisy invites Allan over to do pet play at
Mila's house, where he gets to also meet Lily
Live (and free)
#2Second VisitDaisy gets too late at Mila, who isn't
available. You get to meet Maxine, who is
Mila's girlfriend
Live (and free)
#3Third VisitThis time, you get to Mila with Rebecca, who
is a cat girl. You also meet Mila's parents.
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#3After MonikaAfter dumping Monika, things get weird at the
Live (and free)