Summary of Chapter Mila #3: Third Visit

This time, you get to Mila with Rebecca, who is a cat girl. You also meet Mila's parents.

Number of steps: 11

Total words: 11111 words

Steps in this chapter

4791startMeet Rebecca
4802Hidden for inner steps
4813Hidden for inner steps
4824Hidden for inner steps
4835Hidden for inner steps
4916Hidden for inner steps
4857Hidden for inner steps
4928Hidden for inner steps
48410Hidden for inner steps
48611Hidden for inner steps
48720Hidden for inner steps

Characters in this chapter

BrodyBrody is your bisexual roommate. You meet him in the prologue. He will eventually get his own chapters.Details
RebeccaFree spirit girl who is both into pet play and into free use. Hangs with Mila as a cat (without being submissive to her) and with ErinDetails
MaxineGood vanilla friend of Mila who is neighbor with TeaganDetails
MilaFemale dominant who is into pet play. You meet her via Daisy who is sometimes a dog in Mila's yard. Main girl for October 2020Details
LilyAlmost full time dog girls at Mila's house. Only a human for classes.Details
MelissaMila's motherDetails
DavidMila's fatherDetails
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