Summary of Chapter Mila #2: Second Visit

Daisy gets too late at Mila, who isn't available. You get to meet Maxine, who is Mila's girlfriend

Schedule for writing

Entire chapter: 2020-10 block 3


Number of steps: 20

Total words: 18259 words

Steps in this chapter

4501startMeeting Daisy in your section
4512Hidden for inner steps
4523Hidden for inner steps
45420Hidden for inner steps
45530Hidden for inner steps
45631Hidden for inner steps
45732Hidden for inner steps
45833Hidden for inner steps
45940Hidden for inner steps
46142Hidden for inner steps
46644Hidden for inner steps
46845Hidden for inner steps
47046Hidden for inner steps
46051Hidden for inner steps
46252Hidden for inner steps
46353Hidden for inner steps
46454Hidden for inner steps
46755Hidden for inner steps
46960Hidden for inner steps
45370interruptMeet Maxine

Fantasies in this chapter

Characters in this chapter

TeaganGirl who lives across the hall and who is constantly cooking desserts for everyone. She learns of your chastity through gossiping and decides to start teasing you.Details
DaisyHub character who can introduce you to the various girls who are living off campus, both students and non-students, including a few she is submissive to.Details
MilaFemale dominant who is into pet play. You meet her via Daisy who is sometimes a dog in Mila's yard. Main girl for October 2020Details
MaxineGood vanilla friend of Mila who is neighbor with TeaganDetails
LilyAlmost full time dog girls at Mila's house. Only a human for classes.Details
BrodyBrody is your bisexual roommate. You meet him in the prologue. He will eventually get his own chapters.Details
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