Chapters with written content, where Daisy appears

Chapters with written content, where Daisy appears
DaisyHub character who can introduce you to the various girls who are living off campus, both students and non-students, including a few she is submissive to.Details

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Some chapters have unpublished content, and some, like the former Prologue, are hidden from this list



(7026 words in 17 steps)
Game 1The streamlined first chapter of the story, which replaced the original long prologueLive
(and free)
#5Talk to Daisy
(2973 words in 3 steps)
Game 1A small chapter where you get to talk to Daisy to introduce yourself.Live
(and free)
#7Tease a character
(6185 words in 23 steps)
Game 1Enables you to get a preview of many of the characters, with more coming soon!Live
(and free)


#1Meeting Bianca and her coven
(12308 words in 11 steps)
2021-05 block 1
Game 1You meet Bianca and get the invitation to move in with her three female friends who are all into FemDom.Live
(and free)
#5Bianca interferes
(7923 words in 4 steps)
2022-11 block 1
Game 1Ever since Allan decided to play with Bianca, Erika more or less monopolized his attention. But Bianca has enough and wants a one on one scene with Allan.

Fantasies: Bondage, Hogtie bondage, Paddle, Whipping
In Beta
($4 and more)
#6Erika and Iris
(8447 words in 5 steps)
2022-11 block 3
Game 1Feeling better, Erika is now feeling better and wants to play with Iris, in front of the boys, as promised

Fantasies: Blindfold, Female Domination, Female masturbation in front of a male in chastity, Female submission, Lesbian sex, Mouth Gag, Verbal teasing
In Beta
($4 and more)


#1Allan and Daisy become Ponies for the week-end
(14691 words in 13 steps)
2022-03 block 1
Game 1Daisy and Allan decide to try being human ponies for the weekend, at Lady Emily's ranch in town.

Fantasies: Butt plug, Mouth Gag, Pony Play
For supporters
($1 and more)
#2Allan and Daisy travel to Emily's island
(11478 words in 9 steps)
2022-03 block 3
Game 1Lady Emily invites, in her private plane, Allan and Daisy to her private island where she has a world renown human pony ranch.

Fantasies: Amputation, Branding, Butt plug, Female submission, Mouth Gag, Nudity in public, while in chastity, Pony Play, Slave auction
For supporters
($1 and more)


#1Julie's CMNF Event
(21817 words in 12 steps)
A ) 2021-11 block 5
B ) 2021-11 block 6
C ) 2022-01 block 6
Game 1

Fantasies: CMNF, Edging, Foot fetishism, Lesbian sex, Rim job
(and free)
#2Julie and Alicia
(12904 words in 9 steps)
A ) 2022-02 block 2
B ) 2022-05 block 2
Game 1Julie agrees to see you, but only if your cross dress and becomes Alicia.

Fantasies: Chastity device exposed outside of intimacy, Chemical adjustments, CMNF, Fingering a girl in chastity, Lesbian sex, Oral sex on a girl in chastity, Pegging, Pleasuring a girl when she is busy with something else, Sissification
(and free)


#1First visit
(9086 words in 9 steps)
2020-10 block 1
Game 1Daisy invites Allan over to do pet play at Mila's house, where he gets to also meet Lily

Fantasies: Lesbian sex, Pet play
(and free)
#2Second Visit
(18437 words in 20 steps)
2020-10 block 3
Game 1Daisy gets too late at Mila, who isn't available. You get to meet Maxine, who is Mila's girlfriend

Fantasies: Grinding, Pet play, Verbal teasing
(and free)


#3After Monika
(58995 words in 57 steps)
A ) 2021-02 block 1
B ) 2021-02 block 3
C ) 2021-02 block 5
Game 1After dumping Monika, things get weird at the College,

Fantasies: Permanent Chastity
(and free)


#1Filming a movie with Rosa
(18761 words in 15 steps)
2021-10 block 6
Game 1Allan decides to go see Rosa to film a chastity porn movie.

Fantasies: Lesbian sex, Porn shoot, Washing a girl in a bathtub
(and free)


#1Meeting Victoria
(6742 words in 10 steps)
2020-09 block 4
Game 1You meet Victoria for the first time, by going with Daisy to support her.

Fantasies: Clothespin, Female Domination, Female submission, Sadomasochism
(and free)