Summary of Chapter Lucy #3: Earning Points with Lucy

Semi-independent steps which you can take to earn points with Lucy. Most have previous steps as requirements to be performed.

Schedule for writing

A ) 2021-07 block 4
B ) 2021-08 block 4
C ) 2022-06 block 1


Number of steps: 15

Total words: 20494 words

Steps in this chapter

10741Earn your first point with Lucy
10792Help Lucy move her project
10803Listen to Lucy's day
10814Help Lucy in the library
10825Cut Lucy's Hair
15396Bring Lucy some food
15407Be confronted by Teagan
15428Pick up Lucy after her class
15439Go to the photoshoot
154410Take a walk with Lucy
154511Hidden for inner steps
154612Hidden for inner steps
154813Hidden for inner steps
154714Pose for Lucy
154915Help Li Hua

Fantasies in this chapter

Characters in this chapter

LucyLucy wants a steady boyfriend, but unlike Amanda, who falls in love easily, she is hard to get onboard. Rather selfish sexually. One of the 5 girls that Brody proposes you meet. Will be available from the start Details
MindyMindy is a strict dominant that is into Sado-Masochism and the physical aspects of BDSM. One of the 5 girls that Brody proposes you meet. Will be available from the start Details
NoraNora is a major masochist who decided to become Mindy's slave. Important secondary character in the Mindy story lineDetails
WilliamSlave to Mindy.Details
JennySubmissive lesbian girl who is roommate with her lesbian dominant, Crystal. She is an alternative Point of View character you will get to play.Details
BeckyGirl who loves to perform humiliation on guys she sees. Teagan's partner, but she does experimental drugs that she doesn't use herself. Linda does...Details
YanaHardcore, ball-breaking, man-hating feminist from your Woman Studies class. Co-main character with ElizabethDetails
KendraTrack and field pro on college who is a friend of Daisy and has little time for relationships. Is a bondage adept: she likes to tie the people she has sex with.Details
MiaConfused girl who is trying to find her place in the world.Details
CassandraNiles' girlfriend who gets convinced to become a hotwife and gets in a little too strongDetails
TeaganGirl who lives across the hall and who is constantly cooking desserts for everyone. She learns of your chastity through gossiping and decides to start teasing you.Details
Sandra PaulDetails
Dean Rob WaldenDean for the College. Man who is in the early fifties.Details
ToriLucy's best friend. She is a rather important secondary characterDetails
Li HuaLi Hua is a refugee from a minor sect in China. She is a sort of religious icon who needs to be venerated and loved. She is always nude on campus, and wants men to worship her. Even if she likes that the campus is clothing optional, she hates the naturists for rejecting sexuality. So, she wants sexual attention, but hates the Free Use girls who do not focus on their pleasure, but rather on the men's.Details
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