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LucyLucy wants a steady boyfriend, but unlike Amanda, who falls in love easily, she is hard to get onboard. Rather selfish sexually. One of the 5 girls that Brody proposes you meet. Will be available from the start Details

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Li Hua

#1Seeing Li Hua with LucyNow that Allan is dating Lucy, he starts
knowing Li Hua, Tori's roommate and Lucy's
nude model more closely. He notably
discovers that Li Hua has her own little
block of buildings on Lucy's map for Allan.
Live (and free)


#1Seducing LucyYou go to see Lucy and try to start dating
Live (and free)
#2Dating LucyYou go on more dates with Lucy, improving
your relationship with her.
Live (and free)
#3Earning Points with LucySemi-independent steps which you can take to
earn points with Lucy. Most have previous
steps as requirements to be performed.
Future (Not visible yet)
#4Spending points with LucySemi-independent steps in which you can spend
points to do positive things with Lucy,
including unlocks.
Future (Not visible yet)
#6Progress on the mapWhen a special gate is reached which changed
the rules with Lucy, steps from this chapter
will be played.
Future (Not visible yet)