Chapters with written content, where Becky appears

BeckyGirl who loves to perform humiliation on guys she sees. Teagan's partner, but she does experimental drugs that she doesn't use herself. Linda does...Details

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Some chapters have unpublished content, and some, like the former Prologue, are hidden from this list



#1Meeting BeckyAllan meets Becky in front of the library,
where she teases some of the guys going
Live (and free)
#2Becky ramps upBecky becomes more serious with her
Live (and free)
#3A surprise visitBecky has a surprise: she will tie you to her
bed, and have you role play with her.
Live (and free)


#3Earning Points with LucySemi-independent steps which you can take to
earn points with Lucy. Most have previous
steps as requirements to be performed.
Future (Not visible yet)