Summary of Chapter Amanda #9: Still locked

Second half of that locked week.

Number of steps: 11

Total words: 11584 words

Steps in this chapter

6761startFinally get a call from Amanda
6772Hidden for inner steps
6793Hidden for inner steps
67810Hidden for inner steps
68011Hidden for inner steps
68112Hidden for inner steps
68220startSee Angie and Amanda
68321Hidden for inner steps
68422Hidden for inner steps
68523Hidden for inner steps
71724Hidden for inner steps

Characters in this chapter

Amanda JanssenLoving vanilla girl who has her own ideas about chastity. You can meet Amanda in your soccer class.Details
TeaganGirl who lives across the hall and who is constantly cooking desserts for everyone. She learns of your chastity through gossiping and decides to start teasing you.Details
Levi JansseenAmanda's father, a former DJDetails
AngieTeam member in your Soccer class. Secondary character with limited interactionsDetails
ClaraAmanda's roommate who always has her headphones on, and you seldom interact with her in the Amanda storyline. Later joins Kendall's sex cult.Details
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