Summary of Chapter Amanda #4: Second date with Amanda

This is your second date with Amanda, which you plan from A to Z

Schedule for writing

Entire chapter: 2020-07 block 6


Number of steps: 7

Total words: 5896 words

Steps in this chapter

1991Ask Amanda on a second date
2002Hidden for inner steps
2013Hidden for inner steps
2024Hidden for inner steps
2035Hidden for inner steps
2046Hidden for inner steps
2057Hidden for inner steps

Fantasies in this chapter

Either not flagged yet, or no specific fantasies

Characters in this chapter

Amanda JanssenLoving vanilla girl who has her own ideas about chastity. You can meet Amanda in your soccer class.Details
ClaraAmanda's roommate who always has her headphones on, and you seldom interact with her in the Amanda storyline. Later joins Kendall's sex cult.Details
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