Chapters with written content, where Bianca appears

BiancaStudent living off-campus who is into bondage and spanking as well as rave parties. You meet her via Daisy. Her and her roommates want boys to live with them so that they can boss them around. Bianca likes to use pain to control the boys.Details

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#1Meeting Bianca and her covenYou meet Bianca and get the invitation to
move in with her three female friends who are
all into FemDom.
Live (and free)
#2Moving inYou've made your decision: you are going to
move in with Bianca, Erika, Carrie and Iris.
Live (and free)
#3Closer to ErikaErika begins to get close to you, now that
you are getting settled in.
Live (and free)
#4Treatment PlanErika and Carrie have developed a treatment
plan to help Erika, and you are at the center
of it.
Future (Not visible yet)