Chapters with written content, where Kyle appears

Chapters with written content, where Kyle appears
KyleKyle considers himself lucky. He got to college with his sexy high school sweetheart, got a room next door to her on campus, and they love each other. What could go wrong? Kyle is a Point of View character who gets put into chastity by his girlfriend Elena when she joins Jessica's secret society Details

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Some chapters have unpublished content, and some, like the former Prologue, are hidden from this list



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Game 1The streamlined first chapter of the story, which replaced the original long prologueLive
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#2Seeing Katryn and/or Jessica
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2020-11 block 3
Game 1Since you met Katryn at the Mixer, Jessica assigned you to pledge to her, so you see her, but you also see Jessica and her roommate, Elena. It's also your initiation (along with Kyle, which unlocks his second chapter)

Fantasies: Denied an orgasm after sex, Lesbian sex, Losing your virginity, Sex out of chastity
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#3Dating Katryn
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2022-07 block 5
Game 1

Fantasies: Blow job, Milking while in chastity, Nudity in public, while in chastity, Sperm pushed into mouth
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#1Getting Locked
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A ) 2020-08 block 5
B ) 2020-09 block 6
Game 1Kyle has a perfect girlfriend, but she has issues with him. She wants him in Chastity?

Fantasies: Lesbian sex, Skinny Dipping, Verbal humiliation
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2020-11 block 5
Game 1To get this chapter, Allan needs to play the Jessica storyline. In this chapter, Kyle discovers that his girlfriend doesn't want to unlock him... ever.

Fantasies: Enforced Female Nudity, Male Domination, Permanent Chastity, Showering with a girl, in chastity
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#1The pitch
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A ) 2021-09 block 4
B ) 2022-05 block 5
Game 1You bump into Rita as she tries to convince Gloria to let her speak at her chastity meeting, where chastity means abstinence before marriage and nothing else. This is the start of Rita's quest to put more and more people in chastity devices.

Fantasies: Female Chastity


#7Second meeting of the Locked Love Lobby
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A ) 2021-08 block 6
B ) 2021-09 block 6
Game 1A second meeting of the Locked Love Lobby occurs, with new members

Fantasies: Chastity device exposed outside of intimacy, Female Chastity, Golden shower, Showering with a girl, in chastity
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