Chapters with written content, where Helga appears

HelgaNaturist on campus willing to do anything to make a nudist our of you. Also into bicycle rides. You can meet Helga in your Political Science Lecture. Details

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Some chapters have unpublished content, and some, like the former Prologue, are hidden from this list



#2Becky ramps upBecky becomes more serious with her
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#3Deeper with CathyAllan, sorry, Alicia gets a new pink chastity
cage, the keys are destroyed, and he, sorry,
she gets to have sex with Melanie, while in
permanent chastity
#4The showThe band has their first show! While the show
is a success, there are some unexpected
revelations which stir up the band's
#11Daniella and WendyThe story with Cathy has mostly followed
Cathy herself, as well as Melanie. There
are two other members in the group: Daniella
and Wendy. While not sexual (in Daniella's
case at all or Wendy's case with Allan), they
are in the story.
Future (Not visible yet)


#1Political ScienceOnly two short steps which correspond to the
first 2 classes of Political science
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#2Getting to know HelgaAllan agrees to go to a naturist barbecue,
and gets an ultimatum from Helga to become a
naturist or not.
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#3Seeing HelgaAllan spends his first weekend at Cherry
Peak, the naturist resort, fully nude, and
denied and teased by Helga. He even attends
his Women's studies discussion class, nude,
and with Helga
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#5Coming outAfter skipping the 4th chapter, Allan gets
back to school and lives on campus, nude.
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#1Going back to collegeKim comes back to college for her third year,
after having spent months in chastity.
This is a chapter for the second college
game, begun before the second game is fully
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Li Hua

#3Seeing Li Hua AloneLive (and free)


#2Dating LucyYou go on more dates with Lucy, improving
your relationship with her.
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