Chapters with written content, where Helga appears

Chapters with written content, where Helga appears
HelgaNaturist on campus willing to do anything to make a nudist our of you. Also into bicycle rides. You can meet Helga in your Political Science Lecture. Details

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Some chapters have unpublished content, and some, like the former Prologue, are hidden from this list



#4Crossovers with Annie (one)
(9828 words in 7 steps)
2022-04 block 1
Game 1

Fantasies: Corset, Naturism, Sissification
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#2Becky ramps up
(8343 words in 5 steps)
2021-04 block 3
Game 1Becky becomes more serious with her humiliations

Fantasies: Chastity device exposed outside of intimacy, Chemical adjustments, Food control, Locked threesome with two girls, Nudity in public, while in chastity, Public humiliation, Sodomized by a man, while in chastity, Unlocked threesome with two girls, Verbal humiliation
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#3Deeper with Cathy
(21460 words in 17 steps)
A ) 2021-01 block 2
B ) 2021-02 block 2
Game 1Allan, sorry, Alicia gets a new pink chastity cage, the keys are destroyed, and he, sorry, she gets to have sex with Melanie, while in permanent chastity

Fantasies: Foot fetishism, Naturism, Permanent Chastity, Rim job
(and free)
#4The show
(15845 words in 11 steps)
2021-03 block 2
Game 1The band has their first show! While the show is a success, there are some unexpected revelations which stir up the band's cohesion.

Fantasies: Chastity device exposed outside of intimacy, Sissification
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#11Daniella and Wendy
(9587 words in 7 steps)
2021-11 block 2
Game 1The story with Cathy has mostly followed Cathy herself, as well as Melanie. There are two other members in the group: Daniella and Wendy. While not sexual (in Daniella's case at all or Wendy's case with Allan), they are in the story. Live
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#9Dungeon and Dragons with DM Cindy
(13086 words in 5 steps)
2022-07 block 6
Game 1Special exclusive chapter for our 2 years anniversary, with all of the 5 original characters, plus Sophia and Helga. Isn't that too many characters? You bet!

Fantasies: Naturism


#2Life as Alicia
(11264 words in 8 steps)
2021-12 block 2
Game 1While having sex with Evelyn in chapter 1, she wants to make you understand what female orgasms feel like, so she turns Allan into Alicia for the night.

Fantasies: Naturism
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#1Political Science
(1778 words in 2 steps)
2020-08 block 3
Game 1Only two short steps which correspond to the first 2 classes of Political science

Fantasies: Naturism
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#2Getting to know Helga
(17152 words in 15 steps)
2021-01 block 1
Game 1Allan agrees to go to a naturist barbecue, and gets an ultimatum from Helga to become a naturist or not.

Fantasies: Anal sex on a woman, Denied an orgasm after sex, Losing your virginity, Naturism, Rim job
(and free)
#3Seeing Helga
(16008 words in 9 steps)
2021-01 block 3
Game 1Allan spends his first weekend at Cherry Peak, the naturist resort, fully nude, and denied and teased by Helga. He even attends his Women's studies discussion class, nude, and with Helga

Fantasies: Naturism, Ruined orgasm
(and free)
#5Coming out
(12511 words in 8 steps)
2021-01 block 5
Game 1After skipping the 4th chapter, Allan gets back to school and lives on campus, nude.

Fantasies: Blow job, Denied an orgasm after sex, Lesbian sex, Naturism
(and free)
(13529 words in 7 steps)
2022-08 block 5
Game 1Helga wants Allan to start recruiting more girls into Naturism, and helps him achieve that, all while still denying him.

Fantasies: Naturism
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#1Going back to college
(6722 words in 7 steps)
2021-11 block 4
Game 2Kim comes back to college for her third year, after having spent months in chastity. This is a chapter for the second college game, begun before the second game is fully created.Live
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Li Hua

#3Seeing Li Hua Alone
(9131 words in 5 steps)
2021-07 block 5
Game 1You finally manage to get some alone time with the hot Asian nudist, but after some one-on-one time, two guys join the party. Plus, a peace talk with Erin, Blair and Rebecca.Live
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#2Dating Lucy
(13918 words in 7 steps)
2021-06 block 4
Game 1You go on more dates with Lucy, improving your relationship with her.

Fantasies: CFNM
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#2Deeper with Zaria
(9360 words in 4 steps)
2022-09 block 6
Game 1Now that Allan is officially dating both Yvonne and Zaria, Zaria wants to explore sexuality a little more, especially when Yvonne is watching them. She also wants a trip to the beach. They are in Florida after all!For supporters
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