Chapters with written content, where Scott appears

Chapters with written content, where Scott appears
ScottOne of the non-naturists who doesn't drop out from your political science class. Lives in your section.Details

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Some chapters have unpublished content, and some, like the former Prologue, are hidden from this list



#11Daniella and Wendy
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2021-11 block 2
Game 1The story with Cathy has mostly followed Cathy herself, as well as Melanie. There are two other members in the group: Daniella and Wendy. While not sexual (in Daniella's case at all or Wendy's case with Allan), they are in the story. For supporters
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#2Life as Alicia
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2021-12 block 2
Game 1While having sex with Evelyn in chapter 1, she wants to make you understand what female orgasms feel like, so she turns Allan into Alicia for the night.

Fantasies: Naturism
In Beta
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#3Seeing Helga
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2021-01 block 3
Game 1Allan spends his first weekend at Cherry Peak, the naturist resort, fully nude, and denied and teased by Helga. He even attends his Women's studies discussion class, nude, and with Helga

Fantasies: Naturism, Ruined orgasm
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#5Coming out
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2021-01 block 5
Game 1After skipping the 4th chapter, Allan gets back to school and lives on campus, nude.

Fantasies: Blow job, Denied an orgasm after sex, Lesbian sex, Naturism
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#1Going back to college
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2021-11 block 4
Game 2Kim comes back to college for her third year, after having spent months in chastity. This is a chapter for the second college game, begun before the second game is fully created.Live
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#1The pitch
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A ) 2021-09 block 4
B ) 2022-05 block 5
Game 1You bump into Rita as she tries to convince Gloria to let her speak at her chastity meeting, where chastity means abstinence before marriage and nothing else. This is the start of Rita's quest to put more and more people in chastity devices.

Fantasies: Female Chastity
(Not published yet)


#1Filming a movie with Rosa
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2021-10 block 6
Game 1Allan decides to go see Rosa to film a chastity porn movie.

Fantasies: Lesbian sex, Porn shoot, Washing a girl in a bathtub
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#4Melody and Teagan
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A ) 2021-07 block 6
B ) 2021-09 block 4
Game 1Melody starts to act weird toward Allan, which causes Teagan to react.Live
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