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VictoriaFemale dominant who believes in anal training and properly taking care of her slaves. Also goes by "Vicky". Main female dominant to Daisy, thought which you meet VictoriaDetails

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Some chapters have unpublished content, and some, like the former Prologue, are hidden from this list



#3After MonikaAfter dumping Monika, things get weird at the
Live (and free)


#1Meeting VictoriaYou meet Victoria for the first time, by
going with Daisy to support her.
Live (and free)
#2Seeing Victoria AloneYou go see Victoria for the first time alone,
and you have to decide with her how to play
with that dominatrix
Live (and free)
#3Victoria againYou accidentally bump into Victoria in your
section and follow her home, sleeping in her
bed after a scene with her
Live (and free)
#4Mental HealthYou have a therapy session with Samantha, who
is Victoria's mentor, about a recent
breakdown, and you get another scene with
Live (and free)
#5ResilienceVictoria decides to test your limits a little
more, and you have a heart to heart
discussion with her
In Beta ($4 and more)
#6New levelVictoria is again in your section, and has a
proposal for you. Optional chapter which can
be safely skipped without hurting your
chances with Victoria
In Beta ($4 and more)
#7A more direct VictoriaLincoln makes a proposal for you over
breakfast, and Victoria decides to increase
things a little.
In Beta ($4 and more)